Explore GraphQL with Apollo & React: Build a Superhero Database

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Curious about all the buzz surrounding GraphQL, but not quite sure why you should be excited? You’re in the right place! We’ll shed some light on what GraphQL is and give you an opportunity for some hands-on experience.

Let’s start by clearing the air and answering the $20,000 question: what is GraphQL? No, it’s not an obscure function on your TI-89. It’s a query language at heart — or query specification more accurately — that can be used to fetch data from just about any data source.

Better yet, it allows you to fetch the exact data you need — no more, no less — in a single network request. While that may not sound like the sexiest tech to come out of the Facebook factory of innovation, you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised at how useful it can be.

All that’s needed is an Apollo server to act as our endpoint and a React app using the Apollo client to leverage any data within. We’ll tackle the server first.

Getting Started with Apollo Server

To get our Apollo server started, create a folder called apollo-server in your favorite working directory. Next, enter that directory and run the following npm command — you do have npm and Node installed, right? — to get the Apollo framework in place:

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