6 Top VPNs for Web Developers to Choose

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Do you need a VPN? You’re probably familiar with them, but they work like this: you connect to a server, all your internet queries pass through it as an intermediary, and they are passed on from this server to the external net. You can use a VPN to, for example, bypass geographic content restrictions by connecting to a server in the appropriate country.

For web developers, these features are essentially useful. First, when it’s necessary to connect to sensitive development servers from outside networks, a VPN can make it safer by encrypting the traffic passing through your local network. This reduces the danger that the information you send to those servers will be accessed by hackers. And while testing geolocation features, a VPN allows you to connect as a user from the appropriate destination.

The downside is that the VPN needs to have access to your packets in order to relay them. You need to choose VPNs carefully, and it’s especially worth being careful with new services, and even free ones. Note that it’s important to use your company’s VPN for development, or a service that has been approved for usage by your team.

To choose a service one should carefully read all the VPN Reviews on the web, search for the experts’ opinions, and consider the product’s reputation.

Let’s analyze the most widespread VPN services:

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